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Day One of Twenty One!

I’m on Day One of the Standard Process Purification program, it’s a 21 day cleanse. I am joined by seven others and we’re doing this as a group. First ten days is veggies, fruit and healthy fats only along with nutrient shakes you make fresh, and supplements designed to promote detoxification of the liver, kidneys, colon, and lymphatic system.

So far so good! I need to plan for tomorrow to be sure I bring enough food with me, today had some hungry moments. I just cooked some green lentils and had a little bowl. Very nice. I also has a green salad for lunch, and two SP shakes so far. The first one this morning was a little weird, I tried using an avocado, some ginger and a few blueberries with SP Complete and water. It really needed a banana! Kind of just nutrient sludge. I also forgot to add the Whole Food Fiber. My lunch smoothie was way better, strawberries (frozen), some fresh blueberries, Whey Pro whey protein, SP Complete, Whole Food Fiber and water. Very yummy. Tonight I’ll make kale chips and another salad, maybe a small yam, and one more smoothie.

Here’s how I made my lentils. I just had a bowl of them hot, drizzled with olive oil, and I will cool them off and make salad with them for tomorrow.

Rinse green lentils in a sieve. Put in a pot, cover with water, bring to a gentle boil then turn the heat down low. Salt them. Add a bay leaf. Cook on low until soft (you have to test them.) when they’re done, squeeze half a lemon into the pot. Dress with olive oil.

For the salad I will add finely chopped red onion, red pepper, a little jalapeno chopped super fine, and olive oil. I’ll take this to work alongside a green salad.

Need to get out for a walk. Here I go!