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Delivering the best natural health solutions to all who can benefit

Jeanne Kennedy Crosby D.C.Jeanne Kennedy, D.C. is dedicated to offering people of all ages the opportunity to achieve and maintain better structural, biochemical and emotional well being through innovative holistic care. Services offered:

  • Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing.
  • Expert Chiropractic adjusting of the spine and all joints of the body.
  • Focused treatment of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Experienced care of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) region.
  • Nutrition Response Testing: Deep Healing and Support of the glands and organs using the highest quality supplements and herbs. Identify and remove the most common barriers to healing: Immune System Challenges, Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity, Food Sensitivities and Sugar Handling Problems.
  • Safe and natural acid reflux and hiatal hernia treatment.

Reveal a new perspective on your health needs. You’ll probably learn something new about yourself and how you can improve your strength, energy, vitality, adaptability, sleep quality, recovery from injury, resistance to infection, and your general outlook.

What if you knew at any given time not only exactly what your body wants, but when it wants it? Applied Kinesiology incorporates Chiropractic, Oriental Medicine, and Naturopathic principles to more accurately diagnose and treat the structural problems, chronic nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and digestive problems that drive many common symptoms.

For example: Sciatica, low back pain and even low back strain can be associated with an underlying digestive condition. Repetitive stress syndromes such as carpal tunnel and tendinitis can be symptoms of underlying adrenal insufficiency and blood sugar instability. Spinal adjustments affect muscles and joints in all the extremities, such as the knees, ankles, hips and shoulders, but extremity adjustments can also normalize muscle strength around the spine, such as ankle adjustments strengthening the neck muscles.

Evaluation and treatment includes standard history taking and physical examination. Applied Kinesiology muscle testing is used to more specifically identify your needs- what needs to be adjusted, muscles that are weak from injury or other reasons, when you will benefit the most from meridian work, and what nutritional supplements will most benefit you at that time. Based on all the acquired information, the doctor can simply supply what the body asks for and observe the results.