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Handling Smoke and the Effects of Toxic Air.

Due to the hazardous air quality we’re currently experiencing, I am closed this week and recommend that people stay indoors. Even though I’ve always had the Austin Air purifier running in my office, the building isn’t airtight. Southeast Portland, where my office is, has had even higher AQI (air quality index) numbers than other parts of town. (higher is bad.)

Seal up. Tape around your windows. Put a towel rolled up under doors. Wipe down surfaces. Wear a mask (or two) in your house and car if necessary. 

If you can leave the area for any period of time, there are clear skies east of Oregon. I’m in Wyoming right now. We left Saturday and drove six hours in the smoke. it started to clear around the Oregon/Idaho border. Northern Idaho appears to be smoked in. Check conditions.

Remember to drink water all day. Drink herb teas for hydration. Oat straw comes to mind. Simmer fresh sliced ginger and drink with lemon, lime and honey. Hibiscus. Whatever you got. Eat lots of whatever fresh vegetables and fruits you can. Eating well helps you feel better. Make the Jeannie Salad. Try cutting up a canteloupe. It’s so good right now, and full of nutrients and enzymes. 

Recommendations for smoke and toxic overload:

Symptoms include headache, brain fog, anxiety, weakness.

You need extra nutrients for elimination and repair. These recommendations are products I know and work with, but use what you have and whatever you can get. These can be ordered and delivered through these links.

B vitamins for methylation, breakdown of toxins and heavy metals in the liver. Cataplex B, Niacinamide B6, and Folic Acid B12 are good options.

Standard Process Cataplex ACP for the lungs and the kidneys. It’s Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and a bioflavinoid. Your kidneys are stressed, you may notice you’re not urinating as much. When you take your supplements you may start to pass more urine. 

Medi-Herb ChelaCo for heavy metal and toxin chelation, moving it out of the tissues and into the bowel for elimination.

Lung Support:

Standard Process Emphaplex helps expel respiratory secretions.

Standard Process Pneumatrophin PMG

 prevents inflammatory reactions in the lungs and rebuilds at the cellular level.

Standard Process Fen-Gre – a fenugreek product that breaks down mucus for expectorating. Also a natural stool softener.

Constipation will be a common experience. The colon becomes overloaded very easily in these conditions. Recommended digestive support:

Standard Process Spanish Black Radish – this is one of my top choices. Take a lot. Like 12-16 per day while constipated.

Standard Process Cholacol – this supplies bile salts, which will help initiate a bowel movement. Take 2 twice a day.

Standard Process Fen-Cho combines fenugreek, okra and bile salts. Benefits both lung and colon.

Magnesium Lactate – my favorite magnesium. 2 caps twice a day when constipated. Reduce to 1 per day when you start being regular.

Whole Food Fiber – fiber will actually help sweep larger particles of foreign toxic debris out of your colon. 

Stay safe! This is awful. Thinking of you all. Remember, please get in touch if I can make recommendations.