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Meet The Doctor

Jeanne Kennedy, Doctor of Chiropractic

Licensed in Oregon and Montana

Hello, thank you for checking out my website.
I’ve had many points of inspiration that have led me here, doing my work the way I do it. My own health and movement challenges showed me that I needed to associate with people doing more deep analysis than what I was used to getting in the typical health care setting. Choosing to be a chiropractor set me up well for that access. I have received training and treatment from advanced practitioners and teachers of my specialty, Applied Kinesiology. I’ve learned to challenge and observe, document and repeat, both as a student and an innovator.

I pull deep from the systems developed by the icons of Applied Kinesiology, first practiced in the 1960s. I know a lot about regional function, for example how the neck and shoulders always reflect each other, the hips, knees and ankles do the same thing. You have to treat beyond the spot that hurts. I love the work of Dr. David Leaf, from whom who I was able to learn some of my best orthopedic and movement work. Dr. Walter Schmitt is also a favorite, truly a unique and remarkable doctor who developed and taught some very advanced, elegant and dependable protocols for chiropractic and nutrition work.

I regularly use the 100 vial test kit developed by Drs. Michael and Noah Lebowitz, it’s been used and improved upon for decades at this point, it’s a very valuable tool in my office.

Here’s a nice testimonial:

“Both my daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Kennedy’s for more than four years. We see her for nutrition testing in addition to chiropractic. Recommendations for food allergies, environmental allergies and toxins with chiropractic care have allowed both of us to fully interact with our environments. I am a breast cancer survivor and believe my healing journey has been completely supported by Dr. Kennedy’s care. I offer a specific example from 2 years ago. I saw her one hour after an annual mammogram (one breast remaining!). Without saying anything to her, she tested and said “radiation.” I then told her about the mammogram. Went home with a dietary regimen to support recovery. The following year, I set up an appointment for a same day appointment with her following my mammogram. She is rigorous in her testing and helped me maintain a strong health profile. I cannot say enough about her skills and her heart.”