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Notorious Day Three … and Day Four

I’ve heard from a couple of different sources that Day 3 is the hardest day of this 21 day cleanse. Maybe that’s true! I’m glad it fell on a Saturday for me and I didn’t need to be at work, but I still managed to overschedule my day a bit, and had three notable things to do:

1. Go to Bodyworlds with my friend and colleague Shelly Stephhenson at 11AM. No eating allowed in the exhibit, I did have an apple in my pocket. Didn’t really get excited about it and was out of there in under an hour. I’d seen it the last time it was here, maybe four or five years ago.

2. Band practice at 3PM. Three hours. Ate a mandarin orange between sets. Got a little extra picky and critical by the end, not my best qualities but of course for the right reasons. For some reason my right fingertips hurt a lot like I was new at bass playing.

3. Michael DeLapp’s 50th birthday party at the Slammer Tavern at 8PM. This guy is a dear friend. One in a million. This was going to be an epic blowout, and I was going to be very sober and kind of hungry. It was still great, but we split at 10PM. There was drinks, friends, fireworks (BIG ones), and the drag queens had not even arrived yet. I had not received the invitation for this when I scheduled the cleanse or I seriously would have moved it. Oh well, I am not hungover today and that is a blessing.

Also, today is day 4 and the scale says I’ve lost three pounds! That makes me happy.