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Solstice dinner at Abby’s Table will feature muscle testing for food sensitivities!

Better Forever is super excited to co-host a special summer solstice dinner on June 21, 2012 at Abby’s Table!This is a wheat-free, dairy-free, corn-free and soy-free dinner event at Abby’s Table on Thursday June 21st at 7PM (just three blocks from our office on SE Ankeny and 6th.)
What is Abby’s Table?
Abby’s Table is a farm-to-table clean foods supper club that also has cooking classes and catered events right in our neighborhood at SE 6th and Ankeny. They regularly host gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free four-course, family style meals with rotating themes. Check out their website for wonderful recipes and a fabulous video on how to make salad rolls, with narration describing the health benefits of the ingredients! We love Abby’s Table!
Here is their mission: Inspiring flavors and healthy foods on every table with Abby’s Table. Fresh, easy to please cuisine that is 100% gluten, dairy, and soy free. Through community dinners, catering and classes we hope to build a healthy food culture by making it fun and accessible to all types of eaters.
What is so special about the meal on June 21st?
1) Jeanne Kennedy Crosby will give a little talk on food sensitivities and do some muscle testing for people who are interested. She is a chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist who has had a nutrition-oriented practice in Portland since 2001. She is an experienced muscle tester who designs nutritional healing programs for her patients, and also has resolved her own health problems using nutrition. Hear her latest insights on why food sensitivities are becoming common in our population, what foods you should avoid no matter what, and how muscle testing can help identify your food sensitivities, guide your healing process and keep you on point to succeed with your health goals.
2) This dinner is open to Jeanne’s patients, friends, and community, as well as the public.
3) The theme is: Northwest Foods and Summer Solstice

How cool! How much does it cost?
$30 for the meal and the experience!
(Drinks cost extra or BYOB!)

How Do I sign up?
Two Steps:
1) Email or call Better Forever and say you are going. (You can just reply to this email.)
2) Click Here and sign up for the number of people in your party. You will have to give your credit card. It is easy to choose the option where they will not charge you beforehand. Your cc number just saves the spot. Even if you cover for 4 other people for dinner, they can pay at the end of the meal.
We encourage you to sign up soon. It’s a special occasion and is likely to fill up fast!

Abby's Table Solstice Dinner features muscle testing