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Springtime is Liver Time – Allergies, Insomnia, Right-side Problems

Are your complaints mostly on the right? If they are, and they could be anything, right shoulder pain, right eye floaters, right side back pain, you may want to consider your liver. It’s huge. It takes up a big part of the right side of your body. When it’s overloaded, its influence is wide. Insomina patterns that include waking up from sleep at 2-3:00am, and seasonal allergies are also indicative of the need for care. Your liver (yes, you have one in there) can start to have functional congestion and degeneration (fatty liver) long before medical disease appears. Applied kinesiology muscle testing is a wonderful adjunct to any holistic regimens to determine exactly how your liver would like to be nourished. Supported. Cared for. Think methylation. Bitter herbs. Homeopathy. The support you need to turn destructive habits around and sleep at night. Spring is the perfect time to get on a healing regimen and change up your supplements for the big liver healing season.