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Thai food you can enjoy even more!

Here’s the problem: We love Thai food. However, Thai food, while being tasty, inexpensive and no work at all except showing up to order it, contains sugar, corn and soy. Sorry! Yes, there’s lots of fresh vegetables giving you the good feeling that you’re eating something healthful, but the added sugar alone more than negates the benefits of the veggies. (Check out this recent cover story from Mother Jones on the hazards of added sugar.) Then there’s the whole GMO soy and GMO corn issue (many Thai sauces use cornstarch as a thickener.)

thai curry 02I am happy to report I found a great alternative to Thai restaurant food. Yes, you have to cook it. But the control you gain over the ingredients, and the good feeling you have preparing and eating it will empower you! It’s Thai and True prepared Thai curry sauces from Earthly Gourmet. These delicious and authentic tasting curry pastes have no added sweeteners (the peanut sauce does, FYI) no soybean oil or soy sauce, and no corn-derived ingredients. Made in Oregon too! Today I made chicken Panang curry. I cooked chicken drumsticks down in water after browning them in hot coconut oil, pulled the meat off the bones and cooked in the broth with celery, carrots, string beans, fresh ginger, fresh basil, fresh lime juice, and a can of organic coconut milk. I’m eating this right now as I blog about it, which is lame, I know, but I couldn’t let the enthusiasm wane.