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Nutrition Response Testing

by Jeanne Kennedy, D.C.

NOTE: Dr. Jeanne Kennedy has completed the extensive Advanced Clinical Training certification for Nutrition Response Testing. This certification takes over a year to attain, and is held by few practitioners in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Nutrition Response Testing is a sequence of muscle testing challenges to various reflexes (body points). It uses testing vials of substances. There are two different types of testing vials: the stressor vials will help reveal problems (metals, food sensitivities, chemical exposure, immune challenges like viruses, etc.) that suppress healing, and the supplement testing vials (usually nutrients, herbs and homeopathic remedies) determine what nutrients or remedies will be the most effective to move the body towards a healthier state.

Test vials can identify common substances or conditions that affect your body’s ability to adapt and be well.

This particular testing sequence and system was assembled from the works of many practitioners. The doctor who developed and named Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Freddie Ulan, has been teaching muscle testing and nutritional healing for many years, and he also had a well-known and successful clinic in New York. I feel very fortunate to have spent four weekends in a small class learning directly from Dr. Ulan, in addition to several months in 2010 at his organization’s facility learning from his most accomplished proteges. He is quite brilliant, and a very inspiring teacher.

I use Nutrition Response Testing in my practice because it is effective, noninvasive, and gives clinical direction easily, even in tough cases. Patients just need to do the work, which is make any indicated changes to diet, chemical exposure, etc., and take the indicated supplements, herbs or homeopathy to promote healing. I think the real jewel of this technique is the vials that reveal the stressors. They are so useful, I canʼt imagine working without them now.

I use the following supplement lines in my Nutrition Response Testing work: Standard Process, Medi-Herb, Energetix, Systemic Formulas, Marco Pharma, Professional Complimentary Health Formulas, and Thorne.